Avoiding a Moving Scam – Finding Good Interstate Movers

When a person is ready to relocate, they often think about how to avoid getting scammed by a moving company. There are lots of stories in the news as of late highlighting various moving scams. There are literally thousands of different companies out there, but most of them are not going to give you what you need. For those of you in this situation, it is important that you take a few steps to avoid problems.

Check and Verify

When looking at interstate movers, you should always be sure to check everything. Each moving company should have license numbers, DOT numbers, and references. Any good company should be happy and willing to provide these numbers to you upon request, and you should be sure to follow up on them. Contact the references and ask about the service, punctuality, price, and overall job. Call the Better Business Bureau and make sure there are no complaints against the company. Verify that the licenses are all legal and that everything is up to date an in order.

Ask the Right Questions out of state movers houston

You should always contact the interstate movers on your short list before you even think about hiring them. Asking the correct questions will go a long way to make sure you get good and solid information from a company, which will enable you to know if you have chosen a winner. Make sure that you ask about the information mentioned above as well as the type of contract and estimate that they offer. Look into a binding quote from the moving companies that you are interested in as these quotes cannot be pushed up later. Make sure that the company knows the laws like you do. Many companies will even give out a pamphlet to all customers to make sure that all rights and responsibilities are met on both sides of the fence.

Know what to do

Even after doing all of the research, it is possible to run into trouble. Knowing how to handle the situation is just as important as any other aspect of your move. Should the movers show up to your new home and demand more money on the spot before your things are unloaded, you may be dealing with a scam. Reacting fast is an important part of knowing what to do, and you should not meet the demands of the drivers. Do not agree to the demands of the company and call the police instead, but make sure that you write down any numbers on the truck or other descriptive information.


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